Cost Reimbursement Contract in which the VA purchases services of specific University of Colorado Denver (UCD) staff on research projects. Must be for a research purpose. IPAs are for salary and benefits only. Cannot be used for postdoc or admin support. The employee must be a permanent employee of UCD and have been employed for at least 90 days.

NOTE: The VA will not approve IPAs after the IPA start date. Personnel should not start work until they have received an approved IPA. All VA IPAs must be received by the VA at least 30 calendar days prior to their effective date. All VA IPAs must be routed to the UCD OGC Office for review at least 5 business days prior to the date they are due to the VA.
Memo - VA IPA Routing Policy Changes


Note: Current MOUs must be submitted with proposal applications. The MOU submitted with the InfoEd routing should not include any effort from the proposal application as that information is prospective until an award is made. 

  • If the application is awarded and results in a significant change in FTE or professional responsibilities for either appointment, an updated MOU should be submitted to OGC PreAward at the time of award. Updated MOUs can be sent to xenia@ucdenver.edu and must reference the InfoEd proposal number. 
  • If the requested personnel does not have a dual appointment in place at the time of proposal, an updated MOU must be submitted at the time of award. 
  • If the awarded application does not significantly change the MOU, then the current MOU can remain on file.