What is an IPA?

An IPA is a Cost Reimbursement Contract in which the government purchases services of specific University of Colorado Denver (UCD) staff on research projects. Must be for a research purpose. IPAs are for salary and benefits only. Cannot be used for postdoc or admin support. The employee must be a permanent employee of UCD and have been employed for at least 90 days.

This is a temporary assignment of personnel between the Federal Government and UCD for research purposes

All IPAs between CU Denver and the government require institutional approval and must be routed through InfoEd before they can be submitted to the government for review

Please see the U.S. Office of Personnel Management for regulatory and background details

Please contact OGC Pre-Award via the Xenia email to facilitate an efficient IPA submission and speedtype activation. Some forms that may be required include:

NOTE: The VA will not approve IPAs after the IPA start date. Personnel should not start work until they have received an approved IPA. All VA IPAs must be received by the VA at least 30 calendar days prior to their effective date. All VA IPAs must be routed to the UCD OGC Office for review at least 5 business days prior to the date they are due to the VA.

IPA & JPA Fringe Benefits

  • IPA Fringe Benefits uses the actuals for the person shown in HCM plus the calculated IPA fringe rate
  • Effective July 1, 2023, the calculated fringe rate is 1.985%

VA IPA Guidance

Time Limited Employees

VA does not allow time limited employees on new IPAs; this includes POST Docs at University of Colorado Denver. To facilitate this restriction, we do not allow IPA for a specific set of job codes.

VA Allowable Job Codes

  • Faculty and PRAs (Professional Research Assistant): 11xx, 12xx, 13xx, 14xx (excluding 1438) 
  • Professional Exempt Staff: 2200 – 2999 

VA Unallowable Job Codes (Defined as Time Limited)

  • Post doc: 1438 
  • Students: 41xx, 42xx, 43xx 
  • Graduate Students: 15xx 
  • Trainees: 32xx 
  • Residents: 31xx 

What is a JPA?

A Joint Personnel Agreement (JPA) is a cost reimbursable contract between the University of Colorado Denver and any non-federal organization such as Denver Research Institute (DRI). 

DRI Personnel Working at CU Denver - Procurement Contract in which CU Denver provides salary reimbursement for each DRI employee that is devoting effort at CU Denver.  

DRI Subcontract - When there is a separate scope of work conducted at CU Denver, DRI will issue a regular subcontract agreement.  

Joint Personnel Agreement (JPA) Form

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