The team’s primary mode of communication is email. In this remote work environment, we are asking for your assistance in including only the InfoEd Routing Number and PI Name in the subject line of emails for proposal/contract inquires. This will assist the team in providing efficient service.   

The team is able to set up zoom meetings for inquires that cannot be handled via email. 

The PreAward team will continue to offer proposal review and proposal development consultation services. If you have any inquiries, please reach out directly to your assigned PreAward Specialist. General inquiries can be sent to xenia@ucdenver.edu 

The Contracting Services team will continue to review/negotiate SRA & FFS agreements and process outgoing subcontract requests. If you have any inquiries, please reach out directly to your assigned Contracts Associate or Subcontracts Specialist. 

Award Setups will continue the setup of Awards, including Pre-awards. OGC.4status@ucdenver.edu and OGC.FiscalRoles@ucdenver.edu email boxes will continue to be monitored on a regular basis. 

Billing is fully operational and can be reached via OGC.Billing@ucdenver.edu mailbox or direct contact with your billing specialist. 

Accounts Receivable is operational and continues posting to projects for receipts that are coming in via Wire payments or Wells Fargo Lockbox. The team can be reached via OGC.4Payments@ucdenver.edu We are working through the process for checks received on campus via mail and will have additional information on that piece as it becomes available. 

Post Award Accounting is also operational and continues to process approvals, financial reporting and other activities. We plan to continue our regular scheduled meetings with departments via zoom, skype, teams or phone. If you have not heard from your post award specialist or do not have updates to the meetings on your calendar please feel free to reach out with contact info and to plan how you will interact for those meetings.

Procurement Service Center – Website provides updates on their processes and guidance.  A couple of items to highlight:   

  • Orders from Marketplace cannot be shipped to your home address.  We understand that this is challenging during these times but the system is not configured to allow personal addresses.   This includes Dell catalog orders.  OIT and Financial Services are working on a separate communication on computers and will be sending soon.
  • Check printing will be on Wednesdays and Fridays. In addition, they are now printing checks that are due in 8 days compared to the 3 days under normal operations. 
  • Please send all invoices to APinvoice@cu.edu – PSC personnel will only be in the office on Fridays to process mail from internal campuses and externally.  Remember to include only 1 invoice per email.   


Check Deposits – The Bursar office is not open at this time on either campus.   

Students - Students are able to pay on-line.  FAQs for students will be posted on the campus COVID website.

Department Deposits – During this 1st week of remote working, we do not have someone on campus to receive checks from departments as we understand the majority of you are not on campus as well.  With campus leadership’s directive, we are complying with the request to limit personnel on campus.  However, we have made deposits this week from external mail that we have received as of March 18th.  We will continue to deposit from the external mail weekly and will work with campus leadership on any future communication for on-campus receipt of department checks.


Finance Office Updates 

  • Our Help line (303.724.9610) is receiving calls and operational. 
  • Accounting help email is fully operational
  • Check Deposits – As stated above, we are on hold during this 1st week of remote working for accepting in person checks from departments.  But we are depositing weekly for checks received in our mail.  We will communicate as changes occur for in-person acceptance of check in working with both campuses’ leadership teams.   


OIT Resources for Remote Working   


Campus COVID Websites: 

CU Anschutz – https://www.cuanschutz.edu/coronavirus

CU Denver - https://www.ucdenver.edu/coronavirus‚Äč


The mission of Grants and Contracts is to provide service to principal investigators and administrators for the purpose of obtaining and administering extramural funds in compliance with University and sponsor guidelines.


Grants and Contracts assists University of Colorado Denver faculty in their efforts to secure external support for their instructional, research, public service, and scholarly activities. This includes: 

  1. Budget review;
  2. Grant application and contract proposal review;
  3. Contract review, negotiation, and acceptance;
  4. Subrecipient agreement development, negotiation, and acceptance; and
  5. Providing advice on sponsor and University requirements.

Grants and Contracts is also responsible after award for compliance with non-technical sponsor requirements which include: 

  1. Financial reporting and standard invoicing (e.g. does not include non-governmental clinical trial invoicing which is done by academic units);
  2. Providing advice on sponsor and University requirements;
  3. Acting as a liaison with sponsor contract/financial representatives;
  4. Cash management; and
  5. Acting as a liaison for audits of sponsored activity.

OGC also has responsibility for various systems required by the federal government, for providing management reports, and for keeping abreast of major grant/contract regulations changes. 

For general Grants and Contracts information, call 303-724-0090, or for more contact information see Contact List (by topic).

OGC is managed by

Topical AreaName and EmailPhone
Associate Vice Chancellor - Financial Services & ControllerAmy Gannon303-724-8872
Director, Sponsored Projects Financial ServicesGinger Acierno303-724-0258
Director, PreAward and Contracting ServicesRyan Holland303-724-0195
PreAward ManagerGarrett Steed303-724-0090
Contracting Services ManagerDenise Queen303-724-9046
Award Setup ManagerBryce Walsh303-724-0219
Assistant Dir. - PostAward Financial ServicesKoffi Gnatsidji303-724-2664
PostAward ManagerStephanie Chandler-Thompson303-724-0087
AR ManagerShanelle Roquemore303-724-0260
Sponsored Project Reporting & Data AnalystPei-Keng Foong303-724-0101