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TitleName and EmailPhone
Accounts Receivable ManagerShanelle Roquemore303-724-0260
Accounts Receivable SpecialistAmy Nemeck303-724-0287
Accounts Receivable SpecialistTony Lo303-724-8067
Accounts Receivable SpecialistVickie Engels303-724-8485
Associate Vice Chancellor - Financial Services & ControllerAmy Gannon303-724-8872
Award Setup ManagerBryce Walsh303-724-0219
Award Setup SpecialistZejian Liu303-724-0097
Award Setup SpecialistAndrew Vaserfirer303-724-4094
Award Setup Specialist - Accounting SetupTamara (Tami) Hoegerl303-724-0840


TitleName and EmailPhone
Billing ManagerKoffi Gnatsidji303-724-2664
Billing Specialist LeadJulie Burger303-724-8445
Billing SpecialistTram Nguyen303-724-8500
Billing SpecialistDebra Wright303-724-0086
Billing SpecialistCindy Le303-724-3161
Billing SpecialistMarcie Wyatt303-724-9568
Billing SpecialistLucy Donovan303-724-2952


TitleName and EmailPhone
Cash/PMS Senior AccountantMorgan Hubbard303-724-3597
Collections and Award Setup SpecialistUlzii Otgonbayar 
Compliance and Training DirectorThomas (TK) Keith, III, J.D.303-724-0489
Compliance ManagerBarb Hayes303-724-2276
Contracting Services Administrative AssistantSandra Backus303-724-2402
Contracting Services DirectorRyan Holland303-724-0195
Contracting Services Subcontract SpecialistCristina Davis303-724-0092
Contracting Services Subcontract SpecialistYingfei Zhen303-724-9503
Contracts ManagerDenise Queen303-724-9046
Contracts AssociateMike Conner, J.D.303-724-9379
Contracts AssociateRobert "Joe" Ladmirault303-724-7973
Contracts SpecialistTemuulen Johnson303-724-0088


TitleName and EmailPhone


TitleName and EmailPhone
Effort Reporting and Restricted Funds Accountant Lee Ding303-724-8081
eRA Grants Module AdministratorGabe Petty303-724-0176
eRA Module AdministratorChrista Bryan-Duffus 
eRA Human Subjects Module AnalystKavitha Jakkula303-724-0165
eRA Assistant DirectorCheri VonFeldt303-724-7365
Executive Assistant to Amy GannonSara Esau303-315-2248


TitleName and EmailPhone
Facilities and Administrative (F&A) or Indirect Costs QuestionsContact your Department PostAward Administrator 


TitleName and EmailPhone
Grants TrainerShane Jernigan303-724-8445


TitleName and EmailPhone


TitleName and EmailPhone
PostAward Administrator: BM, Clin Imm, Clin Pham, CPC, GIM, HCP&R, Hem, Onc, Pulm, Rheum, BDC, BioEKristin Maestas303-724-0110
PostAward AdministratorMarcella Pacheco303-724-4084
PostAward AdministratorThai Nguyen303-724-3162
PostAward AdministratorMargaux Johnson303-724-0244
PostAward AdministratorRochelle Hubbart 
PostAward Administrator: Anes, CC, Rad, Oto, Rad Onc, Renal, CoN, NeurMeg Gose303-724-0094
PostAward AdministratorNatalya Weaver303-724-3481
PostAward AdministratorSarah Spurlock303-724-3162
PostAward Administrator: InterDis Prg, Crnic, Neuros, SoP, Ortho, MBP, PMR, ID, CDB, MicroB, Imm, PhysYves Ochoumare303-724-8862
PostAward Administrator: OB/GYN, BioChem, Opth, Card, Path, H&W, CVP ResMarina Tovbis303-724-0626
PostAward Administrator: PEDsBrittany Vits303-724-7405
PostAward Administrator: PEDS N-A, Audit, PETBAlougbavi (Jeanne) Bocco303-724-1157
PostAward Manager: CCTSi, Adult CRC, Chanc Off, ADM-AVCR, Cost Share, PEDS Support, GMEStephanie Chandler-Thompson303-724-0087
PreAward & InfoEd Business AnalystGrant Garceau303-724-0098
PreAward & Contracting Services (CCTSI) DirectorRyan Holland303-724-0195
PreAward Manager, AOR, SOGarrett Steed303-724-0090
PreAward Specialist - BMT, CDB, GME, H&WC, Imm, Neur, OB/Gyn, Oto, RHM (PM&R), Physio, SOP, SPH-CSPHDavid Stein303-724-9303
PreAward Specialist - EDU, BUS, ENG, SPA, CAP, SS, LIB, CLAS, EngBio, ASA/Latino, SDM, Pharm, Path, CON, AHECAlex Franz303-724-9293
PreAward Specialist - Institutes, ARC, CME, Psych, Peds, Derm, NeuroS, FM, BDC, CC, JFK, Kempe, WWC, LCI, COHO, CHOPMuawia Obeid303-724-9189
PreAward Specialist - COI, JIT, Sponsor Access Requests, Data Use AgreementsEric Maize303-724-0088


TitleName and EmailPhone
Sponsored Projects Financial Services - DirectorGinger Acierno303-724-0258
Sponsored Projects Reporting & Data AnalystPei-Keng Foong303-724-0101
Sr. PreAward Specialist: Cardio, EM, CPT, CVP, Endo, Gastro, GER, HEM, ID, IM, Onc, Renal, Rheum, BioMed, Surg, OPH, Ortho, FacilitiesDavid White303-724-1106
Subcontracts SpecialistCristina Davis303-724-0092
Subcontracts SpecialistYingfei Zhen303-724-9503


Shared Mailboxes

Postaward & Accounting Services
OGC.4Payments@ucdenver.eduTo check on the status of payments or to communicate department invoice/payment information.
OGC.4Status@ucdenver.eduTo receive updates regarding the status of your account setup. To forward awards that have been received directly by department.
OGC.Billing@ucdenver.eduTo check the status of invoices.
OGC.FiscalRoles@ucdenver.eduTo maintain your speedtype/projects/programs fiscal roles in the Financial System for funds 3x.
OGC.Gifts@ucdenver.eduTo be used to request setup of gift funds or closeout of gift funds (Funds 34 and 35).
OGC.Postaward@ucdenver.eduUsed to ask general questions about post award issues. For specific questions related to a specific award, please contact your Post Award Accountant directly.


PreAward & Contracting Services

For all questions regarding the proposal development process to prepare grant applications for submission to the sponsor for review and a funding decision. Serves as a central resource for all matters related to University and sponsor policy for proposal development and submission.

EAPP.Xenia@ucdenver.eduUsed for Electronic submission questions.
OGC.Contracts@ucdenver.eduFor questions regarding the contracting process and for all general contract inquiries.
OGC.Revenue@ucdenver.eduUsed for Questions related to Fee for Service Agreements.
OGC.Subcontracts@ucdenver.eduUsed for questions regarding the subcontracting process and all general subcontract inquiries.


eRA Access and Support 
ERA-Access@ucdenver.eduUsed to gain access to InfoEd or ask access related questions.
ERAsupport@ucdenver.eduFor technical support on any electronic research system (e.g., InfoEd, OGC website).