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Shared Mailboxes

PostAward & Accounting Services

Payment Status

To check on the status of payments or to communicate department invoice/payment information.

Award Status

To receive updates regarding the status of your account setup.

Fiscal Roles

To maintain your speedtype/projects/programs fiscal roles in the Financial System for funds 3x.

Post Award

Used to ask general questions about post award issues. For specific questions related to a specific award, please contact your Post Award Accountant directly.

Awards Intake

To forward awards that have been received directly by department.

Gift Funds

To be used to request setup of gift funds or closeout of gift funds (Funds 34 and 35).

Invoice Billing

To check the status of invoices.

PreAward & Contracting Services

PreAward Proposal

For all questions regarding the proposal development process to prepare grant applications for submission to the sponsor for review and a funding decision. Serves as a central resource for all matters related to University and sponsor policy for proposal development and submission. NIH/DOD Just-In-Time requests;  NIH post-submission materials.

PreAward Submissions

Used for Electronic submission questions.

OGC Contracts

For questions regarding the contracting process and for all general contract inquiries.

OGC Revenue

Used for Questions related to Fee for Service Agreements.

OGC Subcontracts

Used for questions regarding the subcontracting process and all general subcontract inquiries.

eRA Access and Support

eRA Access

Used to gain access to InfoEd or ask access related questions.

eRA Support

For technical support on any electronic research system (e.g., InfoEd, OGC website).
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