Sponsored Projects Trainings

This training program is offered to all University employees seeking additional training and information related to sponsored projects. Courses are offered each semester and are available upon request to individuals and small groups. Registration for these courses can be completed through SkillSoft.

If you have questions or need additional information, please email Shane Jernigan.

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Curriculum & Course Materials

The training program is divided into two pathways: Sponsored Project Series and the Financial Administration Workshop. The Sponsored Project Series is designed for new University employees and employees new to grants administration. The Financial Administration Workshop is designed for University employees that have worked in grants administration for at least six months. 

Course descriptions and additional information can be found in Skillsoft.

Sponsored Projects TrainingFinancial Administration Workshop
Contracting at the University (a60024)Accounting Basics (a60044)
Cost Principles (a60015)Budget Development (a60036)
Introduction to 2 CFR 200 (a60026)Closeout (a60042)
Introduction to NIH GPS (a60027)Cost Transfers (a60043)
Introduction to Sponsored Projects (a60014)Financial Projections (a60041)
Post Award Administration for Sponsored Projects (a60017)Financial Reports (a60040)
Pre-Award Administration for Sponsored Projects (a60016)InfoEd Budgeting and Routing (a60037)
Subrecipient Monitoring (a60030)NIH RPPR (a60038)
 Post Award Essentials (a60039)
 Pre-Award Essentials (a60035)


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