OGC Teams

Below you will find pages that take you through the process of receiving an award from the Office of Grants and Contracts, as well as documents and important links.


The Pre-Award team will continue to offer proposal review and proposal development consultation services. If you have any inquiries, please reach out directly to your assigned Pre-Award Specialist.

OGC Contracts

The OGC Contracting Services Team provides contract review and negotiation services to principal investigators and administrators for the purpose of obtaining and administering extramural funds in compliance with University policies and state and federal laws and regulations.

Award Setup

Award Setup section is responsible for the award entry for all incoming Grants and Contracts award and preaward setups actions. They perform intake of the award into InfoEd and the Award Setup in the Peoplesoft Grants Module, which includes the creation of all related speed types and projects.


Post-award administration is a joint effort on the part of the PI, the PI’s designee, departmental administration, and OGC. The post award section acts as a resource for approvals and assistance for all activities that take place after an award setup is complete. Post award specialists should be meeting with your departments on a regular basis to share in the award administration of the sponsor project. 

Billing & Accounts Receivable

Billing Section is responsible for managing grant and contract billing activities and appropriate follow-up for past due invoices. OGC is responsible for monitoring the billing for all awards where and invoice or action are required for payment. This includes Cost Reimbursable projects and Fixed Projects with the exception of non-federal Clinical Trials. It is the responsibility of the department conducing the research to complete invoices and or actions required for payment.

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