Fiscal Roles

Fiscal Roles are used by Grants and Contracts for most post award communications and automated reports to our department partners; in addition, they drive access to certain transactions in Marketplace and Concur. 

Sponsored Project Fiscal Roles include

  • Principle Investigator (PI) – This role is given based on the award notice. An update to this role requires sponsor approval
  • Fiscal Manager (GADM) – This role is for the department administrator who is largely responsible for the oversight of financial activity on the project. This role is used to burst OGC reports related to closeout of awards and projects.
  • Fiscal Staff 

In order to update these roles please send requests to We can accept requests in multiple formats. 

All requests must include:

  • Project ID,
  • Current name and employee ID 
  • New Name and employee ID
  • Reason for the Change

For changes based on staff turnover we recommend you use M-Fin Fiscal role reports in CU-Data to find all the projects that need to be updated. You can also download that report to excel data and then modify to add the fields related to the employee we are changing to. 

A Report to verify Fiscal roles can be found in CU Data under Team Content > Finance > Look Ups
m-Fin Fiscal Roles and m-Fin Fiscal Roles II

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