Pre-Award Request

Preaward Setup is a way for departments to prepare ahead of time when an incoming new award or continuation is expected and a Speedtype is needed in advance of the arrival of the award. 
For continuations, it is best practice to establish a preaward when your current budget period is ending and we need to finalize those numbers while also having a new speed type for charges that will incur in the next expected budget period. 
For federal Non-Competing segments, Award Setups will automatically issue a preaward up to 60 days in advance of the next budget period. A request is not needed. Note: If your project will keep the same number for the upcoming budget period the project status will cycle to “S-Prespending Status” after the end of the current budget period and remain in that status until the award is received. For those awards needing a new project we will issue a new number in a preaward status. 
Preaward Requests for a brand-new award or new segments require an InfoEd routing be in place and have a status that has completed all department workflow. 
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