Project Status

Project Statuses are used to Control spending on projects depending on what phase they are in. 

  • Project statuses are used at all campuses
  • All controls affect funds 30, 31, 12, 22, 32 and 35 (HCM only)
  • Systems that utilize status Peoplesoft FIN and HCM, Concur, CU Marketplace, and iLabs

Project Status Key

Project Status Status Description Notes
S Preaward Time period prior to award notice being received.
O Open Project/Speed type are active to incur expenditures for the budget period awarded.
E Ended 0-60 days after the end of the project. Ended Status confirms the funding period has ended and preparation for final reporting and closeout begin, or activity will transition to next years   project for the award
R Reporting >60 days after end of project; No additional payroll or non-payroll expenses should be added/removed from the project while final financial deliverable's are prepared.
C Closed The project/speed type is inactivated and no other transactions may post or be removed.

Project Status Transaction Matrix

Transaction Matrix
Project StatusS (Prespending)*O (Open)E (Ended)R (Reporting)C (Closed)
Speed type StatusActiveActiveActiveActiveInactive
Concur Transactionsxxx  
New Marketplace Requisitionsxx   
Existing Marketplace Transactionsxxxx 
New iLab Transactionsxx   
Existing iLab Transactionsxxxx 
GL Journals** xxxx 
HCM Pay Transactions***xx   
HCM Payroll Expense Transfers (PETS)****xxx  
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