Proposal Routing

​All extramural requests for program funding and sponsorship, including grant applications, contract proposals, or other proposals for research, training, or service support, but excluding gifts, bequests, and donations, must obtain institutional authorization prior to being submitted to the sponsor.

All proposals must be accompanied by an Approval of Application for Grant or Contract (Routing) form and prepared electronically in InfoEd eRA. The Routing form should be completed and electronically approved by the PI, the Department Chair or Director, and an appropriate Dean or Administrator (e.g., School of Dental Medicine, School of Medicine, College of Nursing, School of Pharmacy, Colorado Area Health Education Center and Downtown Denver Campus​) prior to the proposal being submitted to Grants and Contracts. Upon satisfactory review of a proposal, Grants and Contracts will provide institutional endorsement.

Proposals should be routed with sufficient lead time for securing departmental and Dean signatures; and for Grants and Contracts to review the proposal, notify the departmental administrator and/or PI of any problems and corrections that need to be made in order to obtain institutional endorsement. The Deans' offices for the Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, and Pharmacy, the College of Nursing and Downtown Denver all participate in the InfoEd eRA electronic system that delivers proposal documents between the Deans' offices and Grants and Contracts. Upon review and endorsement by Grants and Contracts, proposals are returned to the appropriate school and/or department electronically.

Please complete all information on the routing form accurately.

Below are more details about routing.

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