OGC Contracts

The OGC Contracts team provides contract review and negotiation services to principal investigators and administrators for the purpose of obtaining and administering extramural funds in compliance with University policies and state and federal laws and regulations.

Contracts & Subcontracts

 The OGC Contracts team handles the review and execution of the following types of agreements:

  1. Incoming sponsored project/research agreements routed via InfoEd (Funds 30/31)
  2. Incoming fee for service/revenue based agreements (Funds 20/28/29)
  3. Outgoing subcontract agreements

Not sure which office handles a particular type of contract? Refer to the Contract Signature Matrix for guidance.

What is the difference between a contract and subcontract?

Incoming Contracts/Subcontracts for sponsored research are used when the University is being paid to perform research for an outside sponsor. Fee-for-Service contracts are also reviewed by the OGC Contracts office and are used when UC Denver is being paid to provide a service to an outside entity, but that service is not research.

Outgoing Subcontracts are used are used when CU Denver is purchasing research services from an external source or vendor, such as another university, with funds from an external sponsor, such as National Institutes of Health.

If you have any inquiries, please reach out directly to your assigned Contracts Associate or Subcontracts Specialist. Include the PI name, InfoEd Routing Number, or Subcontracts number, where appropriate- this will greatly expedite your request.

For questions regarding proposal review, development, or pre-award, please reach out directly to your assigned Pre-Award team member. All general inquiries can be directed to xenia@ucdenver.edu.

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