The University has many sources of funding. The OGC Contracts office reviews all agreements and amendments involving sponsored projects (funds 30/31) and fee for service revenue generating activities (funds 20, 28, 29). For more information on University sources of funding see the Sources of Funding document in the Process Documents section below.

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two parties. Anything that binds the University to certain terms and conditions is considered a contract.

An amendment changes an existing contract by adding new terms and conditions, changing existing terms, changing the scope of work details, adding new money, or changing the duration of the agreement. Any amendment will be processed by the same office that is responsible for processing the original agreement.

For more information on Contracting at the University and the OGC Contracts team, see the Contracting at the University process document in the section below.

Please note: the following non-monetary agreement types should be redirected according to the table below to the appropriate office for review.

Contract Diagram

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