Time and Effort Reporting

The Federal government requires universities which receive grant and contract awards to document and support the salaries and wages paid to individual employees working on these projects. Effective November 1, 2006, the electronic Personnel Effort Report (ePER or time and effort report) was implemented at the University. This is a web based method to certify the level of effort that has been devoted by an individual to a sponsored project(s) during a particular period of time. This mechanism replaced the previous paper based certification system effective with the June through August 2006 summer semester. The University has implemented this new web based ePER on a system-wide basis for time and effort reporting. ePERs must be completed each semester (fall, spring and summer). The accounting section of the Office of Grants and Contracts is responsible for oversight of the system and follow up regarding outstanding ePERs at 9th and Colorado and Anschutz Medical Campuses of UCD. ePERs must be completed and certified within 120 calendar days from ePER creation. For further information about ePER certification, please click on the following link: Step-by-Step Guide: Certifying Electronic Personnel Effort Reports (ePERs). This site includes information about the Electronic Personnel Effort Reporting Blackboard course. Anyone who is funded by sponsored projects is required to take this course. Reports a​​​re available in Cognos Reporting System that can be helpful for employees with fiscal roles to manage who is being charged to sponsored projects and reflect if those employees charged to the sponsored project have completed their Personal Effort Report certification as required by 2 CFR 200. If you hold a fiscal role you, these reports can help you manage your projects. There are currently three management reports, including:

  • ePER Summary by Org
  • ePER Summary by PI
  • Uncertified ePER by Org or Campus.

These reports are in the CU-DATA reporting system under Team Content > ePers. For information about how to use CU-DATA, see information at CU Controllers site, Office of University Controller.


ePER - Time and Effort Reporting Document


For additional assistance with ePERs reporting, please contact Zhengli (Lee) Ding.