Project Lifecycle

OGC announced in July 2017 the use of new PeopleSoft Project life cycle statuses. At this time, those status changes are still updated manually by your Post Award Administrator. Coming in the fall of 2018, these statuses will start changing automatically within PeopleSoft at specific time points after the project end date. We will also be implementing a new control structure behind these statuses to help ensure expenses are posted to the project timely and within the project dates.

Over the next few months, there will be much more information to come on this modification to assess readiness and help you prepare for the change. Please review the status descriptions and future controls listed below. Note these status controls will not be put in place for older projects that are being worked as part of OGC’s closeout initiative.

"S" Pre-Spending

Status for pre-award spending projects.  This status will allow all transactions approved to post.

"O" Open

Status initiated after award setup through the life of award. This status will allow all transactions approved to post.

"E" Ended

Status inserted 1 day past the project End Date. This status is intended to stop new requisitions, new purchase orders, and new funding distribution entries.

"R" Reporting

Status entered at 60 days after project end date. This status is intended to stop transactions from posting while Final Report is being prepared. This status will stop you from entering new transactions as well as stop you from doing PETS on projects

"C" Closed

Status changed to closed manually after final reports have been submitted and all payments received. This status is to represent the project is complete and no further reporting or adjustments are needed.
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