COMIRB serves as the IRB for UCHealth, unless the research is reviewed by an external IRB.

Site Specific Information

Full Board and Expedited research must be submitted through the Human Subject Research (HSR) Portal prior to submitting to COMIRB. Research protocols which are exempt do not need to be submitted through the HSR Portal. When you receive a clearance letter from the HSR Portal, attach that to your COMIRB submission. Please check the HSR page for up-to-date instructions on which studies required portal submission.

Contact Health Data Compass for research access to and use of data sets from UCHealth Epic.

If you have questions about relying on an external IRB, visit the Clinical Research Support External IRB page or contact ExternalIRB@ucdenver.edu.


If you would like COMIRB to serve as the Single IRB for a multicenter study, contact COMIRB@ucdenver.edu.

Transitioning from UCHealth IRB to COMIRB

On October 1, 2020, COMIRB assumed IRB oversight for human subjects research at UCHealth formerly under the oversight of the UCHealth IRB. COMIRB is working in close collaboration with UCHealth Research Administration, such that we do not require investigators to take any other specific action with COMIRB until you otherwise need IRB review (e.g., submitting and amendment, continuing review, or unanticipated problem). 

For more information is available here:

IRB Points of Contact

Specialty AreaNameEmail
Cardiology, Surgery, Trauma

Ryan Lowry, IRB Manager, Panels A&B

Mary Brown, IRB Specialist, Panels A&B



Nursing & PharmacyCat Sutherland, Assistant Director



Brie Labriola, IRB Manager, Panels D&S


OtherMary Brown, IRB Specialist, Panels A&B



Important UCHealth Contacts

System Director, Research AdministrationLaurie Blumberg-Romero, MA, CRAlaurie.blumbergromero@uchealth.org
Director, Research Administration
Marissa Macri
Director, Research Administration –Southern Colorado Elizabeth Grafelizabeth.graf@uchealth.org
Director of Research Administration – Northern ColoradoSara Twomblysara.twombly@uchealth.org
Chief Privacy OfficerErika Riethmillererika.riethmiller@uchealth.org
Privacy Manager
Tamra Smith


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