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Here you can find the current forms for research involving the VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System. The COMIRB Forms page has more general COMIRB forms.

The new VAIRRS (IRBNet) Platform is open for VA research submissions


All researchers will now be required to submit their studies for VA approval through IRBNet (VAIRRS) beginning in October.


After reviewing the Researcher Basics New Submission training, you may begin to submit your new studies through VAIRRS, or you can reach out to schedule training by contacting


If you have existing studies, the VA Research Admin office can transfer your studies to your profile as soon as you register. Notify the research office by emailing or calling 720-857-5106 once you have established your new account and affiliated with ECHCS.


All amendments and continuing reviews will be submitted to the VA and reviewed via VAIRRS beginning in October 2020.


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