Continuing Review of a Currently Approved Study

Complete the following steps to submit your study for Continuing Review

If you plan to request any changes to your study (including personnel changes) in addition to requesting Continuing Review of your study, you must submit those change requests in an Amendment submission separate from your Continuing Review. That is, you will be making two separate submissions to COMIRB via the InfoEd eRa website: a Continuing Review submission to request that your study be authorized for another year, and an Amendment submission to request the changes to your study.

Check required training

If any study personnel need to renew their CITI training, please ask them to do so. This will prevent delays in renewing your approval.
Required Training

Check annual Conflict of Interest Disclosures

Make sure that your study personnel have completed their annual COI disclosure. This will prevent delays in renewing your approval.

Review COMIRB requests from the previous year

Review COMIRB approval letters over the past year and make sure you have responded to any requests for changes.

Submit the materials to the COMIRB via the InfoEd eRa

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