COMIRB at CU Denver

Site Specific Information

COMIRB holds Office Hours downtown once a week with an IRB Chair. We are happy to schedule a meeting to discuss your specific study.


We are also happy to give presentations to classes, research teams, or departments. Contact us if you would like to schedule a presentation.


Most studies submitted from faculty and students at CU Denver pose minimal risk and are eligible for expedited review or exemption. COMIRB is required to make exempt determinations.


Full Board and Expedited research must be submitted through the Human Subject Research (HSR) Portal prior to submitting to COMIRB. Research protocols which are exempt do not need to be submitted through the HSR Portal. When you receive a clearance letter from the HSR Portal, attach that to your COMIRB submission.


If you have questions about relying on an external IRB, visit the Clinical Research Support External IRB page or contact


If you would like COMIRB to serve as the Single IRB for a multicenter study, contact
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