Denver Health and Hospital Authority

COMIRB serves as the IRB for Denver Health and Hospital Authority (DHHA). This includes the Denver Public Health Department and Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Safety.

Site Specific Information

Full Board and Expedited research must be submitted through the Human Subject Research (HSR) Portal prior to submitting to COMIRB. Research protocols which are exempt do not need to be submitted through the HSR Portal. When you receive a clearance letter from the HSR Portal, attach that to your COMIRB submission.

All research submissions must first be reviewed by the Sponsored Programs and Research Office (SPARO) in the DHHA Office of Research. If SPARO approves the study, they will provide the PI an Acknowledgement to Submit Protocol for COMIRB Review. Upload this SPARO letter into InfoEd with your submission to COMIRB. COMIRB will not review the study if the SPARO letter is not attached.


SPARO reviews the research for numerous reasons, including the following:


  • To make sure the research is compatible with DHHA’s mission
  • To make sure a DHHA employee is identified to serve as the DHHA PI
  • To review the consent form when applicable for DHHA template wording
  • To understand what PHI from DHHA is used and/or removed for the study
  • To verify that appropriate contract work is initiated (e.g., material transfers, data use, and non-employee research staff), and to make sure the contracts and IRB materials are consistent.


The DHHA PI is responsible for assuring that DHHA policies and procedures are followed. This person and all DHHA study personnel must complete DHHA Research Compliance Training modules in Cornerstone (search for Research Compliance).

A SPARO letter is not required for Amendments or Continuing Reviews unless DHHA is being added as a new site.


If you have questions about relying on an external IRB, visit the Clinical Research Support External IRB page or contact

Important Contacts


Director, SPARO

Amanda Breeden, MA, CRA,

Associate Director, SPARO

Kimberly Fash, CRA,

Privacy Officer

Michael Grimpo, MS


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