Biological Spills and Exposures

Biological spills and exposures can happen when working with infectious or potentially infectious materials. These incidents occur both inside and outside of the laboratory or a biological safety cabinet so it is important to know how to safely clean and disinfect these spills.


Reporting Spills and/or exposures:


ALL spills of biohazardous materials, inside or outside of containment equipment, shall be reported to the EHS Biosafety Officer, 303-724-0345

An incident report form must also be completed.
Incident Report Form for Biological Hazards

EHS Biological Safety must immediately report any spill involving material containing recombinant DNA or synthetic nucleic acids to the NIH Office of Science Policy.


In any case of a personal injury, the PI/supervisor must ensure an incident report is filed with University Risk Management.

File an incident report

Spill Kit

Having a readily available spill kit in the lab is strongly recommended. Items contained in the spill kit may vary depending on the type of research or clinical activities being performed.

biological spill gear kit contents


Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) has developed some guidelines for the proper way to clean-up spills involving hazardous biological materials and the proper selection and use of disinfectants and sterilization methods on the CU Denver | Anschutz Medical Campuses.


Biological Spill Clean-Up Instructions


Exposure Control Program for BBP


Disinfectants And Sterilization Methods

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