General Training Information

EHS trainings in Skillsoft satisfy requirements imposed by internal and external regulators.

This training is required for employees, their supervisors, and others - including volunteers, non-paid personnel, and other non-employee lab members - who have access to clinics or labs.

Access Training

To access training materials

1. ​Log in to the UCDAccess​​ portal, then click the CU Resources tab, if needed, and select the Skillsoft tile.

2. Click the CU Denver | Anschutz tab.

3. Navigate to the appropriate Category on the left of the subsequent page to access the needed training.

Completion Requirements

Lab Safety

One Time

Chemical Waste Management


Bloodborne Pathogens


Regulated Medical Waste Management


On-the-Job Training

Supervisors must provide formal on-the-job training to all personnel who have access to the lab, regardless of their official employment status, within the first six months of arrival.

An On-the-Job General Safety Training form must be completed for each worker, and this record must be kept in the laboratory for three years following their departure.
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