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Animal Transfers

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Rodents are frequently transferred between investigative teams on campus and regularly move between facilities to access shared institutional resources.  Significant coordination is needed between OLAR and the IACUC Office to efficiently review transfer requests and deliver animals to the receiving investigative team.  Health testing prior to transfer is sometimes required to preserve biosecurity. Dedicated OLAR personnel transport animals between facilities and housing rooms.

Note: Due to the high level of review, communication, and logistical coordination, our goal is to perform animal transfers within 10 BUSINESS DAYS. A myriad of factors can cause delays in this timeline. If this occurs, we will communicate with you and provide our best estimate for transfer completion.    

Animal Transfers

  • All cages to be transferred MUST be identified with the pink “Transfer” flags available at the vivarium office prior to submitting the transfer request.
    • NOTE: Inappropriately flagged cages will lead to cancellation of the transfer request and assessment of a $25.00 transfer fee to the originating investigative team.
  • Submit a transfer request through the following link:
    • Animal Transfer Request Submission (Formstack)
      • Dual authentication from the Originating PI/PRA is required to access Formstack for submission of the transfer request.
      • List all cage card numbers and strain(s) to be transferred.
      • Confirm the total number of cages to be transferred.
      • An Excel spreadsheet may be attached to the request for transfers of 10+ cages.
    • The Receiving PI/PRA MUST authorize the transfer request to allow for processing by IACUC Office and OLAR.
      • The link to authorize transfer request is provided to receiving PI/PRA in a separate email with the subject “Animal Transfer #10___ - Needs Lab Review”.
      • Dual authentication from the receiving PI/PRA is required to access Formstack for authorization of the transfer request.
      • The Receiving PI/PRA MUST provide a response to “As the receiving PI/PRA, I ___ this transfer” on the transfer request.
  • Transfer requests undergo multifaceted and stepwise review by the IACUC Office and OLAR.
  • Health testing is required for animals moving to housing rooms of the same health status or to a higher health status (e.g. breeding barrier).
  • When required, health testing is conducted at an out-of-state commercial diagnostic laboratory.
    • Investigative teams are encouraged to submit transfer requests in advance to ensure that requests are completed in time to meet project goals.
  • Transfer fees and fees associated with health testing, OLAR technical time, and mileage (if applicable) are the responsibility of the receiving investigative team unless otherwise noted.
    • A $25.00 transfer fee is assessed for every 1-5 cages that are transferred (e.g. 7 cages would result in a $50.00 transfer fee). 
  • Transfers are completed by dedicated OLAR personnel on non-holiday MONDAYS and THURSDAYS.
  • There is no routine mechanism to expedite or rush the completion of transfer requests.

Please contact if you have questions regarding the animal transfer program or to inquire about the status of a submitted transfer request.

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