Tips for Protocol Completion

  • Use keywords to describe the function (procedures to be conducted) of each protocol associate.
  • Submit new PQ forms for the PI and all named personnel on the protocol submission to the IACUC office.
  • Ensure that the PQ forms detail that the associates are qualified to conduct the experiments assigned to them. If not, detail a training mechanism for these associates.
  • Demonstrate the scientific merit of your proposal: This can be done by providing evidence that the project is supported by a grant from an organization that utilizes a peer-review mechanism to evaluate proposals (e.g. NIH). Alternatively, provide a letter from your Chair certifying the scientific merit of the project (use the required IACUC form letter for this purpose – this is in the blue? help feature).
  • The goals section should not exceed 200 words. Use lay language throughout and do not refer to animal models if possible. This is public information. The write-up has to be at an 8th-grade level.
  • The Narrative section should be written in language similar to that used in journals such as Scientific American.
  • Define all abbreviations
  • Provide a short background and rationale for the experiments described (few sentences)
  • The focus of the Narrative section is on animal procedures. Describe in detail what you are proposing to do and how many animals are going to be used. Include a detailed description of drug use (why a particular drug is used, name and property of drug, route of administration, dosage, frequency of use). Make sure all drugs used are of pharmaceutical grade
  • If survival surgery is used, please consult a staff veterinarian before you submit the protocol. The IACUC Office can arrange for a veterinarian to consult with you.
  • Pay particular attention to the justification of the number of animals required. A statistical method (power analysis) is usually required to justify animal number requests.
  • List all experimental reagents (used in live animals) and make sure the use of these reagents is described in the Narrative section.
  • Make sure you obtain permission for the use of biohazards in animals (Contact the Biosafety Officer) Assign all animals a single stress category.
  • Make sure the dates of required database searches for alternatives to painful distressful procedures are current.
  • Please remember that only the PI can complete section J - the regulatory assurances - and make the final submission. ​​
  • Do not use symbols when submitting protocols electronically, e.g. use "beta-" instead of "β".
  • Avoid jargon
  • Do not repeat statements that apply to several sections of the Narrative
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