Animal Program Orientation

All new personnel are required to complete three training courses prior to being named on protocols or conducting procedures on animals as part of their animal program access requirements. Please note that these online courses replace the former orientation offered in a classroom setting.

The Animal Program Orientation is offered as a set of three Skillport training courses:

Animal Program Orientation

Requirements for conduct of research involving animals, introduction to the IACUC, protocols, training/personnel qualification forms, Occupational Health program.

Disease Prevention and Control

Animal Handling Facilities

infection control

Standard Operating Procedures

Animal facility access, PPE, appropriate behavior

Access Training


Access Skillsoft courses

The Skillsoft courses may be found by logging into your campus/student portal for UC Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus associates, opening the course catalog and choosing: University of Colorado\OLAR. You must have either a UC Denver Employee number or Person of Interest number to access Skillsoft (please contact your department administrator to obtain if necessary). If you are a student worker with no employee number, contact the IACUC office at 303-724-1056 for assistance.
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Passing the test

A passing grade of 80% is required to complete each course.


The IACUC/OLAR offices will verify that you have completed the courses but please allow up to one week for this notification to occur.

Post Completion

A facility tour and activation of badge access to the animal facility will be arranged following completion of the required personnel qualifications form, Occupational Health Program enrollment and clearance, program orientation and when you are named as an associate on a valid protocol.
PIs are advised to begin the process for themselves/new employees/students as soon as it is known that they will conduct research involving animals: have new employees/students take the training modules detailed above; begin the enrollment in the occupational health program; generate personnel qualifications forms and submit to the IACUC Office by e-mail at

Please consider the timelines needed to complete all steps including the facility orientation/walkthrough sessions and plan schedules accordingly.‚Äč
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