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The Committee on Ionizing Radiation exists to provide guidance to the radiation safety program. The Committee on Ionizing Radiation establishes program policies for the safe handling of radioactive material and radiation-producing machines. The Committee is comprised of no fewer than five but no more than nine members from the Executive Faculty and shall designate a Chairperson that the Chancellor appoints. Meetings are held no less than once every calendar quarter.

Some of the services that the Committee provides are:

Principal Investigator Authorization

Assuring that any authorized Principal Investigator using radioactive materials is qualified by training and experience, has the facilities and equipment to handle the materials safely.

Safety Standards Observance

Assuring observance of all safety standards established or regulated by the CDPHE Division of Radiation Control, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and other regulatory or standards-setting agencies.

Priori Control

Exerting a priori control over all acquisitions of radioactive materials to ensure compliance with the UCD license, and keep records of the receipt, storage, use, transfer and ultimate disposal of all radioactive materials used at UCD.

Monitoring and Record Keeping

Keeping records of the monitoring of personnel, effluents of air and water, and areas potentially affected by the use of radionuclides and other source of ionizing radiation such as x-ray tubes.

To use radioactivity on campus, you must go through the review process by submitting your application to the CIR. The application must be submitted electronically and must contain all of the information required in the current version of the appropriate application form. All persons are required to complete UCD specific mandatory training before receiving authorization as Principal Investigators or working unsupervised with radioactive materials.

  • For more information about the CIR and the review process please go to section 2.4 of the Radiation Safety Manual.
  • To Apply for a radioactive materials license you will need to fill out a Radioactive Materials Authorization Application for Non Human Use.

Additional Resources

Guidance for Completing the RAM Application for Non-Human Use

RAM Application for Non-Human Use

RAM Renewal Application for Non-Human Use

RAM Amendment for Non Human Use

Application for Irradiator Use

Radiation training must be completed in order to use radiaoctive materials on campus.  Please refer to the Environmental Health and Safety website for information and registration for radiation training.  

If you have any questions please contact the CIR Coordinator at 303-724-4743 or send an email to‚Äč

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