How-To's, Tips & Tricks

How do I register a subject?

Please refer to this OnCore registration guidance document on how to register subject.

Why isn’t my protocol open?

Please refer to the Protocol Startup process page for information on the steps for opening a study in OnCore.

What training do I need?

Please see the Training page.

Why can’t I see my Informed Consent in the subject console?

For the consent to populate in the Subject Console when documenting a subject as consented, the IRB review needs to be associated to all Institutions in the Institution tab.

This should be done by the regulatory coordinator on the study in the IRB review.

How do I use Document Search?

Please refer to this accessing document search guidance document.

Why do I need a calendar build?

Please refer to the Chancellor's Utilization of OnCore policy.

**All Documents are stored in SharePoint which requires UCD login to access. Please ensure you are not logged into another Microsoft system in the browser (CHCO, UCH).  If access is denied please copy and paste the link into a new browser.**

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