Transfer of National Institutes of Health Awards to UC Denver

For information on NIH's administrative requirements when there is a Change of Grantee Organization, see the NIH Grants Policy Statement​

The following are the items that need to be addressed when transferring NIH awards to the University of Colorado Denver (UC Denver).

  1. A letter from the Principal Investigator (P.I.) informing the National Institutes of Health (NIH) of the planned move of the program to UC Denver and co-signed by the current grantee's business office, needs to be sent to the NIH Grants Management Specialist and the NIH Program Official.
  2. A "Relinquishing Statement" needs to be completed and processed through the current grantee business office (a.k.a. Sponsored Programs or Grants and Contracts) as soon as possible.
  3. A "Final Inventions Statement" needs to be processed through the current grantee business office.
  4. The representative of the P.I. or the P.I. needs to request that the current grantee organization prepare a "Report of Expenditure" as soon as possible. The "Report of Expenditure" should be reviewed by the P.I. (or representative) prior to submission to NIH to ensure that it includes a statement that the balance of the awarded dollars be transferred to UC Denver for P.I. use.
  5. A complete packet needs to be prepared and routed through InfoEd eRA to the Grants and Contracts office at UC Denver. The first year's budget request should reflect the amount that is anticipated to be available for transfer to UC Denver The direct cost dollar amount for each remaining year of the award should match the existing grant commitment in direct cost dollars.
  6. Note - If you plan to transfer equipment to UC Denver that was purchased under this award, you need to include a list of such equipment at the end of the PHS 398 application packet.
  7. If applicable, you will need to obtain IRB/IACUC approvals through UC Denver.
    1. If subrecipients are included in the award, each subrecipient institution must provide the following documents:
    2. a face page signed by the subrecipient's business office official;
    3. a detailed budget for the initial year reflecting the dollars that have yet to be expended;
    4. a budget page detailing the remaining years of the award;
    5. bio sketches and other support pages;
    6. a checklist page specific to the subrecipient institution; and
    7. a letter indicating the subrecipient's willingness to enter into a subrecipient agreement with UC Denver should the transfer be approved.
  8. A new proposal routing must be prepared for internal review and approval by UC Denver Office of Grants and Contracts of the grant application. The budget dollars reflected on the routing form should be the balance of the initial years direct cost dollars that are to be transferred, plus UC Denver's facilities and administrative costs. (Please contact your department administrator at UC Denver, or Grants and Contracts​ for assistance in determining the proper negotiated facilities and administrative (indirect) cost recovery rate to use.)

Please Note: Submission of paperwork to transfer your award to UC Denver does not fulfill the non-competing paperwork requirements for renewing your award!

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