Accessing Grant/Contract Attachments


Navigate to InfoEd

Select the Denver or Anschutz Campus from the login page.
InfoEd Login

Sign in using your university credentials


Search for the relevant record in the system

Generally, Record Number or Project ID are the easiest way, but any number of criteria can be used individually or in combination.
Note: If multiple criteria are used at once, records must meet all criteria. In a Search Filed, a "C" means it contains a C, an "=" symbol means an exact match must exist, and a "*?" gives the option for wildcard searches. A asterisk wildcard functions as a contains wildcard while the question mark wildcard specifies the exact character limit to use. Example: 2????? is a record that starts with 2 and must be 5 characters total.

Click the record number to bring up another menu

Drag your cursor over the new menu and select Proposal Tracking. From there, click on the View Hyperlink.

Click the Attachments heading in the left-side navigation menu to bring up the record attachments

Note: Make sure the record you are accessing has the "-" symbol displayed next to it at the top of the menu so that the various sections are expanded, otherwise the attachments section will not be visible.

From the attachments screen, you can find award documents by looking at the Category and Folder columns

To open a document, click the View button in the first column.
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