Occupational Health Medical Surveillance Enrollment

Workers must enroll in the EHS Occupational Health Medical Surveillance Program if they:

  • Interact with animals, animal waste, or animal tissues
  • Enter the vivarium
  • Work with:

- Human blood, tissues, cells or cell lines          - Anti-neoplastic drugs

- Infectious agents                                              - Tertogens/carcinogens 

- Formaldehyde                                                  - Radioactive materials

- Anesthetic gases                                              - Lasers

To start the initial medical surveillance enrollment, submit the following three documents to Occupational.Health@cuanschutz.edu if you have not previously enrolled:

*EHS Occupational Health Initial Medical Surveillance enrollment is considered complete once the appointment is finished. 

When the initial medical surveillance enrollment is complete, all workers are required to complete the Annual Medial Surveillance Questionnaire every year and/or with any changes to their work.