Occupational Health Enrollment

Workers must enroll in the EHS Occupational Health Program (OHP) if they:

  • Interact with animals, animal waste, or animal tissues
  • Enter the vivarium
  • Work with:

- Human blood, tissues, cells or cell lines          - Anti-neoplastic drugs

- Infectious agents                                              - Tertogens/carcinogens 

- Formaldehyde                                                  - Radioactive materials

- Anesthetic gases                                              - Lasers

To enroll, submit a completed Initial Medical Surveillance Questionnaire, then email Occupational Health Clinic or call 303-724-9145 to schedule a corresponding appointment

All prior immunization records must be submitted by email prior to the appointment, or by hard copy at the appointment.

Occupational Health sends an Annual Medial Surveillance Questionnaire to all OHP-enrolled workers to be completed yearly.