Research Lifecycles

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Getting Started

Research Lifecycle Orientation

  • Learn about the research lifecycle at the University of Colorado


  • Links to research administration training orientation and requirements

Systems Access

  • Obtaining access to the applications used for research administration at the university

Study Development

  • Developing study designs and analysis plans

Identify Resource Needs

  • Space, equipment, personnel, shared resources/cores, facilities needs

Budget Development

  • Developing your budget

Draft Protocol

  • Creating your draft protocol


  • Learn about funders and funding options for sponsored research
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Study Design

  • Designing your study including bio stats, funder requirements, data storage, etc.

Timelines & Requirements

  • Learn about timelines, deadlines and internal department processes and requirements

Identify Staff Resources

  • Determining staffing needs and resources

Lab Assignment

  • Requesting lab facilities

CDA Approval

  • Obtaining a Confidential Disclosure Agreement
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Secure Funding

Proposal Development

  • Developing your proposal

Proposal Review

  • Internal and external proposal reviews

Funders Proposal Requirements

  • Using funder requirements when developing a proposal

Proposal Submission to Funder

  • Submission process for funder review

Funding Approval

  • Obtaining funding approval, award process, requesting speed types

Just in Time Requirements

  • National Institutes of Health (NIH), Just in Time (JIT) guidelines and requirements
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Research Approvals


  • Applying for Federal, Committee and Site approvals


  • Training required before application for approvals

Resource Access & Assignment

  • Obtaining access to applications used in research and obtaining lab assignment

Sign Agreements

  • Contracts, sub-contracts, MTA's, data use

Financial Accounts

  • Financial account set-up

Protocol Revisions

  • Making revisions based on committee feedback

Submitting for Approval

  • Regulatory approval submissions

Feasibility Assessment

  • Study feasibility assessment
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Research Activity


  • Recruiting study participants


  • Ordering supplies and equipment

Budget Management

  • Payments, tracking and reporting

Regulatory Reporting

  • NHIS, FDA reporting, amendments and adverse events

Inspections and Audits

  • Internal and external inspections and audits

Data Management

  • Experiment results and safety monitoring

Lab and Inventory Management

  • Management of supplies and facilities


  • Maintaining ongoing training requirements

Committee Approvals

  • Maintaining ongoing committee approvals requirements
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Research Wrap-up

Study Results

  • Finalizing Study Results

Financial Close-out

  • Fiscal Reconciliation

Committee Close-out

  • Closing studies with all committees

Permit Close-out

  • Terminating permits

Inventory/Resource Close-out

  • Returning, releasing and/or storing resources and results (specimens)

Regulatory Close-out

  • Returning, releasing and/or storing resources and results (specimens)

Data Sharing Dissemination

  • Publication and dissemination of study results

Data Close-out

  • Finalizing data analysis, documentation, secondary use or locking
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