Management and Disposal of Chemical Waste

 Individuals who will generate chemical waste must first complete  EHS Chemical Waste Management training in SkillSoft.

Most unwanted or spent chemicals in a lab or shop must be disposed of through EHS, unless another use or user is identified. DO NOT dispose of chemicals in the trash or drain without express written consent from EHS.

Email EHS for disposal if: 

  • The chemical is past its expiration date  
  • The chemical is no longer needed  
  • The wrong chemical was received from a vendor and cannot be returned  
  • The chemical was spilled

Any area where chemical waste is stored, known as a Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA), must be inspected weekly, with the findings recorded in the EHS Satellite Accumulation Area Inspection Log. This log, as well as the condition of the SAA, is subject to unannounced inspection by regulatory agencies and EHS to confirm compliance with state and federal regulations. Logs must be keep on file for three years. 

Note: Inspection is not required of an empty SAA. However any period of inactivity must be accounted for with a note on the log to avoid the appearance of non-compliance.

Chemical waste held in the SAA must be labeled in one of two manners: 

  1. Apply a hazardous waste label to each individual waste container, or 
  2. Place the original container holding the chemical into a secondary container, such as a plastic tub, that has a hazardous waste label affixed to it. 

Always observe all Chemical storage compatibility rules‚Äč. Write complete chemical names on each label; do not use abbreviations. Unknown chemical waste cannot be accepted for disposal. 

Email EHS to obtain hazardous waste labels.

Anschutz Campus 

For a chemical waste pickup, submit to EHS a completed Anschutz Campus Chemical Waste Disposal Request

Pickup will be completed within two weeks. 

Denver Campus 

Chemical waste pickups occur monthly on the Denver Campus. 

Email EHS a completed Denver Campus Chemical Waste Pickup Request to arrange a pickup.

For details on the waste pickup procedure, chemical waste labels or containers, or any other questions call 303-315-7539.

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