GHS Container Labels

OSHA has adopted the new hazardous chemical labeling requirements as part of the effort to harmonize with the United Nation's Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.   

The new label provides information to workers on the specific hazardous chemical.  The container limits the label size and what can be communicated to anyone who handles, uses, stores, or transports hazardous chemicals, making the corresponding Safety Data Sheet (SDS) a more thorough source of information on hazardous chemicals. 

The sample container label for acrolein below, shows the required elements for chemical labels under the GHS standard.

acrolein label with danger symbols

What items are on a container label?

  1. ​​​Product Identifier (chemical name) -  Must match the Product Identifier (chemical name) listed on the safety data sheet.
  2. Signal Word - Only Danger (severe) or Warning (less severe) can be used.
  3. Hazard Statements - Phrases assigned to a hazard class that describe the nature of the product's hazards.
  4. Precautionary Statements - Recommended measure to minimize or prevent adverse effects resulting from exposure.
  5. Supplier Identification - Name, address, and telephone number of the manufacturer or supplier.
  6. Pictograms - Graphical symbols intended to convey specific hazard information visually.

In cases where a laboratory creates a hazardous material, all SDS and container label requirements apply.

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