Green Tagging

Before any lab equipment can be 

  • moved to another lab, or 
  • disposed of, or 
  • serviced, 

it must be cleaned and disinfected by lab personnel, then inspected by EHS. This process must also be followed when a lab space is to be vacated. This ensures the equipment does not present an exposure hazard to new occupants, housekeeping staff, or maintenance personnel.   

Green tag requests will be processed within 10 business days following receipt by EHS.  A 24-48 hour service response can be arranged by making a note on the Green Tag Form​. 

The sections below provide general guidance. The Cleaning Procedures for Laboratory Equipment include more detailed instructions on preparing labs and equipment for green tagging.

Unsure what step to take next?  Answer the questions on this Qualtrics survey to get step-by-step instructions for your particular green tag situation.


The lab representative will: 

  1. Empty equipment contents. 
  2. If the equipment is a refrigerator and it was only used to store food, make a note of this on the green tag, sign the form, and skip the rest of this section. 
  3. Clean equipment following procedure document to remove biological, chemical or radioactive contaminants. 
  4. Email only EHS a completed Green Tag Form. Submit a separate Property Disposal Request request with Asset Management . 
  5. Sign off on Green Tag Form before having equipment inspected by EHS. 
  6. Attach a signed copy of Green Tag Form to the relevant piece of equipment.  Asset Management will contact requester with further instructions regarding equipment disposal.