International Shipping for Export Controlled Items

A commercial invoice is required for all exports. This may also be referred to as a pro-forma invoice. Even though you may not be selling the item you are shipping, if it is not a personally owned item, you will need a commercial invoice. A commercial invoice may be automatically generated if using FedEx online. If using Fedex by paper, a commercial invoice will need to be created and included in the package. Copies of shipping records should be maintained. The following information must be declared on the invoices: 

  • The date that the invoice is created
  • A unique invoice number
  • The complete name and address including country of the ship from and ship to party/company (these are also known as the Exporter of Record / Shipper and the Importer of Record / Consignee)
  • A complete and concise description of the goods shipping
    • Example, do not indicate “Cells”-indicate the type of cells
    • Example Incorrect: cells. Correct: – human liver cells
  • The country of origin (manufacture) of the item
  • Quantity: Accurate number of each piece shipping
  • Weight listed in kilograms
  • Value of Product: Unit price and Extended total price
  • The total invoice amount
  • The diversion statement “These commodities, technology, or software were exported from the United States in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.” If your items are being exported under an ITAR export license a different diversion statement is required; consult with the export control officer.
  • When no EEI is required, the following statement needs to be noted on the invoice: “No EEI required - no individual Schedule B number valued over $2,500”