Institutional COI

Certain individuals because of their official positions in the institution have a higher responsibility to protect and manage the reputation of the institution. On occasion this responsibility may conflict with an individual’s opportunity for personal financial gain.

This policy applies to:

  1. Officers of the University and Administration as defined in Laws of the Regents Article 3 Part C: Officers of the Administration are defined as: Officers of the administration shall be those individuals who hold the title or interim/acting title of chancellor; vice president; associate vice president; vice chancellor; associate vice chancellor; associate counsel; and deans of the schools, colleges, and libraries.
  2. Department Chairs – Also see Roles and Responsibilities of Department Chairs: Policy Number 1020 – The chair is responsible for providing leadership toward the achievement of the highest possible level of excellence in the clinical, teaching, scholarly/creative work and leadership and service activities of the department.
  3. Associate Deans, Division Heads, Section Chiefs, Institute Directors and Center Directors – These individuals are more likely to be considered by external third parties for their standing at the institution as well as their scientific input and leadership in the field.

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If you have an upcoming agreement that may be subject to the Institutional Conflict of Interest (ICOI) Policy, please complete an application for review by the ICOI Committee: 
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