Affiliated Investigators

Investigators employed by a CU Denver | Anschutz affiliate

CU Denver | Anschutz affiliates include:

  • Denver Veteran’s Administration
  • Children’s Hospital Colorado
  • UCHealth
  • National Jewish Hospital
  • Denver Health

Reminders and Tips

  • If you're an affiliated investigator and new user, please start with the Person of Interest (POI) Form
  • The annual collection period is from mid-August to October 31st
  • Remember to submit any new or changed relationships within 30 days of the change, addition or elimination
  • If you and your spouse are required to complete a disclosure, the disclosures should match and include both parties’ relationships

Affiliated investigators, students and CU non-employees can gain access to the InfoEd eRA system by filling out a Person of Interest (POI) form.

Person of Interest (POI) Form

If you do not use your CU Denver | Anschutz account often, your password may have expired. Follow these instructions to reset your password and gain access to University systems like InfoEd eRA. 

Password Reset Instructions for POIs 

Disclose travel within 30 days of returning from a trip

Travel Disclosure Form

Submit the Conflict of Interest Form through InfoEd eRA

InfoEd eRA Login

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