CSPR can help you get more data from your in vivo research project by providing clinical pathology analysis of biospecimens and connecting you with research animal pathology services.


CPSR hematology options are available for samples processed with EDTA or lithium heparin anticoagulant.Hematology Machine


  • Complete Blood Count
  • Manual differential
  • Red cell agglutination
  • Packed cell volume (PCV)


≥ 50uL of whole, unclotted blood in either EDTA (preferred), or lithium heparin anticoagulant, each.  Refrigerated samples are acceptable up to 7 days after collection. 

Samples must be submitted in tubes with screw top closures. Eppendorf style tubes will not be accepted.  Contact the lab for ordering information.

Hematology Stats

Samples must be submitted in tubes with screw top closures. Eppendorf style tubes will not be accepted. Contact the lab for ordering information. 

Assistance with sample collection is available through OLAR Veterinary Services

Contact CPSR for free project consultation with an OLAR veterinarian and customization options. Additional services may be available by request.

Clinical Pathology FY 2022-2023 Rates

Clinical Services
Single Analyte *Per Event$16.66
6 - ChemPer Event$38.65
12 - ChemPer Event$63.76
Electrolyte PanelPer Event$21.23
Hand Sample - 15 microliters *Per Event$28.09
Complete Blood CountPer Event$28.94
Complete Blood Count w/ differentialPer Event$35.11
Manual DifferentialPer Event$39.32
Micro Vol CBC -20 microliters *Per Event$33.71
CSU Cytology EvalPer Event$26.25
Blood GasPer Event$37.75
Urinalysis & SedimentPer Event$35.39
Cytospin AnalysisPer Event$33.03
Fecal ova ParasitePer Event$21.23
Manual PCVPer Event$5.90
Saline AgglutinationPer Event$10.17
Hemosiderin Urine TestPer Event$20.32
Veterinarian Services
Veterinarian FeePer Hour$99.30
Technician FeePer Hour$48.05

*Please contact the lab for project management

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