Frequently Asked Questions

I am getting a lot of errors from the eRA Commons Validations related to Human Subjects / CT Section of my proposal but I am not sure what is wrong. How do I fix this?

Most errors in this section are a result of answers to questions in Section 4 when the proposal is not a clinical trial and should therefore not have any answers in that section. Refer to the NIH General Instructions section on completing the PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Information form.

How do I add personnel to the proposal who are not budgeted on the project or who have no measurable effort but should still have their biosketch included?

Personnel who will not be included in the budget must be added in the Personnel section. Personnel need to be added as either "Consultant - Key" or "Other Significant" organizations. Mentors are a good example of someone who would fall into this category

How do I change the Project Period or add a budget period?

Changing the project period and adding (or removing) years is done in the Budget section of the proposal. Under the Setup tab in the Budget, click on the Period/Date in the upper ribbon menu. From the page, the Project Dates can change or shifted, and budget periods can be added or deleted by clicking on either the "Add" or "Delete" buttons.