Investigational New Drug and Device Office (IND/IDE)

Supporting novel advances in human health to become reality

To facilitate advancement of CU Anschutz researchers’ innovations through expert support and collaboration to manage administrative, regulatory and safety elements of the product development lifecycle.

The IND/IDE Program at CU Anschutz was established in 2023 under the directive of the Vice Chancellor for Research, Dr. Thomas Flaig. 

The team consists of the IND/IDE Office (Vice Chancellor for Research) and the Cancer Center (School of Medicine). Research projects will be triaged to either entity based on project type and therapeutic area.

The program provides expertise and assistance to researchers involved in the development and clinical assessments of novel health solutions for investigator-initiated studies. We do this by partnering with research teams to centrally manage the responsibilities that are unique to the role of being a regulatory sponsor for FDA-regulated research.

View presentation: CU Anschutz IND/IDE Program April 2024 

So you can concentrate on your scientific work!

The collaboration between a central group of regulatory specialists and dispersed research teams with expertise in distinct disease areas allows for standardized and streamlined communication with FDA, thereby accelerating the process to obtain permission to proceed with research under FDA oversight. 

The transfer of many of the administrative and regulatory sponsor-specific tasks from the research team to IND/IDE Program staff allows research teams to focus on the scientific aspects of their research and the clinical care of study participants

IND/IDE Office team will: 

  1. Help define the project’s regulatory strategy.
  2. Manage all communication with FDA throughout the project’s regulatory lifecycle.
  3. Provide guidance and support for all regulatory questions related to projects.
  4. Establish and train research teams on electronic regulatory folders to standardize the filing of documentation required for FDA-regulated research with a local regulatory sponsor.
  5. Train research teams on responsibilities associated with projects under local regulatory sponsorship.
  6. File all FDA communications in accordance with FDA requirements.

For investigator-initiated studies where the investigational product is manufactured by an entity affiliated with the University, CU Anschutz, rather than the study PI, may hold the IND/IDE and serve as the regulatory sponsor of the project. These projects will require institutional review from a leadership committee separate from the IND/IDE Office, and our office staff will help you navigate the process for submission to that committee.

A formal committee decision is required, and the committee’s decision letter will provide further details. The IND/IDE Office staff will begin work on your FDA submission once a committee decision letter is issued. Principal Investigators will hold the IND/IDE for investigator-initiated studies when the manufacturing process is owned and controlled by an external entity. No separate institutional approval is required to begin preparing your submission materials.

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