Covered Entity (CE)

For use under the HIPAA Policies of the University

Covered Entities

Covered Entities - Health Plans, Health care providers, Health care clearinghouses (entities that process nonstandard information they receive from another entity into a standard format or data content, or vice versa) who electronically transmit any health information in connection with transactions for which HHS has adopted standards.


University Hospital

The University Hospital is a covered entity because it provides health care.


UPI is a covered entity because it processes patient information in order to bill for services.

Hybrid Entities

"Hybrid entities" are defined as a single legal entity that conducts both covered and non-covered functions and designates certain health care components as covered functions – resulting in those functions of the entity being subject to HIPAA.

The University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus is a Hybrid Entity.


Physiology and Biophysics Department

The Physiology and Biophysics Department is a NON-HIPAA unit (as are most of the basic science departments as well as the Schools and Colleges on the downtown campus).

Department of Medicine

The Department of Medicine, with all its divisions, is a clinical science unit, and is under HIPAA as a "covered entity" due to seeing patients and providing health care.

HIPAA Contacts

Lori Hopper

HIPAA Privacy Official

Alison Lakin

Signatory Official, Empowered Official Research Integrity Officer
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