HIPAA Training

All members of the UCD community with access to individually identifiable health information need to be "hip to HIPAA" - the federal law that requires us to protect patient confidentiality. This includes research subjects.

HIPAA Regulations: the General HIPAA Course

This is mandatory for most of the UCD workforce. As a faculty member, employee, student, trainee, or volunteer of the UCD (or a faculty member who bills through UPI).

New hires must complete HIPAA training within 30 days of your hire date

Accessed on-line through the portal: Login to skillsoft

  • Click on "Skillsoft" (opens new window)
  • Find & select "CU Denver | CU Anschutz"
  • Choose "HIPAA"
  • Enter "CU: HIPAA Regulations"
  • Hit the blue arrow icon for "Launch" (Takes about an hour.)

Additional CITI courses are required for researchers collaborating with hospitals or clinics.  See access steps below.

If you need more than this basic training, that will be determined by the type of research you are doing. Contact the UCD HIPAA Privacy Officer to discuss what your needs are. HIPAA@ucdenver.edu 

Affiliate Institutions' Agreement: 

If you are located at or rotate through The Children's Hospital, Denver Health, National Jewish, University Physicians, Inc., or University of Colorado Hospital, you may take that institution's HIPAA training instead of the University’s. There is an agreement to accept training taken at any of the affiliated institutions.

However, this does not include the VA. If you spend even 30 minutes at the VA in the course of a year and have access to protected health information, you must complete the VA's training and will not be given credit by the VA for training taken at another institution. The University does not accept the VA training because they are unable to provide certificates. ​​​

Should your lab or department feel the need for addressing a particular aspect of PHI use, or for help in determining best procedures to use in your project, or just to brush up on ethical thinking surrounding access to people’s private information, contact UCD’s Privacy Officer to receive advice and resources in planning a special presentation.

Not only is it helpful to the people involved in the research, moving forward, but the listing you add to your CV under "teaching" looks good too!


HIPAA Course for Human Subjects Research 

UCD's HIPAA education course for human subjects researchers is online in the CITI portal. COMIRB requires that all investigators on COMIRB-approved protocols complete the course. 

Instructions for completing the course are on the COMIRB website under Training.​​

CITI Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS) 

If your research project involves a hospital or clinic that is subject to the HIPAA privacy and security regulations then you will also need to complete the CITI Health Information Privacy and Security training: 

  1. Go to the CITI login.
  2. Select 'University of Colorado Denver' as your Institution.
  3. Register with your username and password.
  4. You will be presented with a series of questions or options to enable you to enroll in the Learner Group appropriate to your interests or role in research.
  5. Select CITI Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS) Basic Course
  6. On the Main Menu page, select Enter or Re-Enter to begin or continue the Course.
  7. You need to complete all of the Required Modules and 2 of the Elective Modules
  8. When you have completed the course, click on Main Menu. If you did not pass the course, you may return to any of the modules and re-take any of the Quizzes.
  9. Print out the Completion Certificate through the link: “Print” in the Learner’s menu to keep for your files. A copy will be sent automatically to COMIRB.

HIPAA Contacts


HIPAA Privacy Official
Lori Hopper

Interim HIPAA Security Officer:
Laura Morris

Signatory Official:
Alison Lakin