Forms and Study Setup

We use Vestigo software to ensure electronic accountability, inventory and protocol management. A primary pharmacist reviews all documents and creates an internal study-specific summary/SOP in Vestigo. Once built in Vestigo, each study is  verified again for accuracy – putting two pharmacists on all DOA, drug receiving/storage, prescription template, Drug dispensing in Vestigo, Drug destruction and training.

  • Track billing and workload 
  • Remote monitoring and audits
  • Document management
  • Competency training 

How to Complete a Study Order

  1. The CU Research Pharmacy will provide initial template (use the online template once setup in our system) 
  2. Order serves as a prescription so must be complete and accurate
  3. Signature by PI or approved delegate must be done each dispense
  4. Recommend a separate order for subjects continuing into a OLE/LTE portion of the study
  5. Check the 5 rights/8 rights (Goal: Minimize transcribing errors)
    1. Right patient, right drug, right dose, right route, right time
    2. Right MRN, right DOB, right study ID number
  6. Attach Orders to CU Research Pharmacy calendar invite
  7. Send kit/bottle numbers to

For general questions or support, please email our team, and we will get back to you within 48 hours. 

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