Forms and Study Setup

We use Vestigo software to ensure electronic accountability, inventory and protocol management. A primary pharmacist reviews all documents and creates an internal study-specific summary/SOP in Vestigo. Once built in Vestigo, each study is  verified again for accuracy – putting two pharmacists on all DOA, drug receiving/storage, prescription template, Drug dispensing in Vestigo, Drug destruction and training.

  • Track billing and workload 
  • Remote monitoring and audits
  • Document management
  • Competency training 

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  1. New study setup
  2. CU Research Pharmacy (CURP) Study Prescription Order
  3. Price quote from pharmacy for an upcoming grant
  4. Protocol
  5. IB
  6. Pharmacy manual

Study Start-Up

How to Complete a Study Order

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  1. CURP will provide template
  2. Order serves as a prescription so MUST be complete and accurate
  3. Signature by PI or approved delegate MUST be done each dispense
  4. Recommend a separate order for subjects continuing into a OLE/LTE portion of the study
  5. Check the 5 rights/8 rights (goal: Minimize transcribing error)
    1. Right patient, right drug, right dose, right route, right time
    2. Right MRN, right DOB, right study ID number
  6. Attach Orders to CURP calendar invite (
  7. Send kit/bottle numbers to CURP

For general questions or support, please email our team, and we will get back to you within 48 hours. 

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