Wearable Devices Used in Clinical Trials

Wearable devices have become essential to clinical research as they enable research studies to collect health-related data 24/7. The best-known wearable devices are commercial fitness trackers that collect mobility and some vital sign data; however, there are several other wearable devices and mobile phone applications that are being used by CU investigators.

Note: This list of wearable devices is in development, and therefore, not exhaustive. If you are aware of other wearable devices readily used in research that is not on this list, please email us.

Measure Device Type Examples
Blood CollectionCapillaryTasso+ Kit, YourBio Health, Neoteryx Mitra and hemaPEN
Blood PressureUpper Arm CuffOmron Platinum Wireless Upper Arm BP MonitoriHealth Wireless BP MonitorBeuerer BM 67 Upper Arm BP Monitor,   Fora P30 Plus Upper Arm BP Monitor
 Wrist-wornBeurer Automatic & Digital Wrist BP MonitorOmron 3 Series Wrist BP MonitorKonquest Digital Wrist BP Monitor KBP-2910W ViSi Mobile by Sotera Wireless
 Skin-patchVitalPatch by VitalConnect,
Body PositionSkin-patchBioIntelliSense BioButtonVitalPatch by VitalConnect
Body TemperatureWrist-wornFitbitEmpatica EmbracePlus
 Skin-patchVitalPatch by VitalConnectBioIntelliSense BioButton
Electrodermal ActivityWrist-wornEmpatica EmbracePlus
Electrical Activity of the HeartWrist-wornViSi Mobile by Sotera WirelessVitalPatch by VitalConnect
 Clothing-embeddedSmart shirts by Hesoskin
Energy Expenditure

(resting energy and total daily energy expenditure, active & resting calories, etc.)
 Wrist-wornApple WatchGarmin smartwatchesFitbit, and  Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
Heart Rate

(resting, variability, etc.)
Wrist-wornFitbitGarmin smartwatchesEmpatica EmbracePlusViSi Mobile by Sotera Wireless
 Finger-worniSp02 Pulse Oximeter by Massimo
 Skin-patchBioIntelliSense BioButton VitalPatch by VitalConnect
 Clothing-embeddedSmart shirts by Hesoskin
Oxygen saturationWrist-wornFitbitGarmin smartwatches
 Finger-worniSp02 Pulse Oximeter by MassimoEmpatica EmbracePlus,   ViSi Mobile by Sotera Wireless
Physical Activity

(MET rates, activity/sedentary bouts, intensity, etc.)
Wrist-wornActigraphy Monitoring devices by PhilipsActiGraph Link by ActiGraph,  Apple WatchGarmin smartwatchesFitbit,   Samsung Galaxy Watch ActiveEmpatica EmbracePlusBioIntelliSense BioButton
 Clothing-embeddedSmart shirts by Hesoskin
 Respiratory RateSkin-patchBioIntelliSense BioButtonVitalPatch by VitalConnect
 Clothing-embeddedSmart shirts by Hesoskin
 Skill CellsLocation variesNeoteryx Hapera
Sleep Parameters
(Sleep latency, total sleep time, sleep efficiency, etc.)
Wrist-wornActigraphy Monitoring devices by PhilipsFitbit,  Garmin smartwatchesBioIntelliSense BioButton


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