Extramural Funding Resources

Connecting researchers to published and anticipated opportunities from external federal, foundation and private sponsors. 

Using keywords, you can search for opportunities in your area of research through the University of Colorado's SPIN search page:

SPIN World's largest database of sponsored funding opportunities

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Go to a searchable and sortable table of current funding opportunities, updated regularly and secured on our SharePoint site:

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    The following notices of intent to publish are time-sensitive, so you can start preparing for these opportunities ahead of their official announcements: 

    FunderType TitleRelease Date 
    NIH P50 Clinical Trial OptionalMuscular Dystrophy Specialized Research Centers (MDSRC)02/14/2024
    NIH | NHLBICollaborative UG3/UH3 Clinical Trial RequiredStrategies for Preventing Cardiovascular Disease in Young Adults With High Lifetime Risk Using Surrogate Outcomes02/14/2024
    NIH | NIAIDP01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed
    Cell and Gene Therapies for HIV Cure: Developing a Pipeline02/06/2024


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