Respiratory Protection

Some working environments and processes require that you use respiratory protection when engineering controls and administrative practices alone will not provide sufficient worker protection. If you require respiratory protection for your work, OSHA regulations require that appropriate training be completed prior to being fitted to a mask, and annually thereafter. Below is information regarding appropriate training courses if you require respiratory protection.

N95 Respirator Training-For those employees that require the use of an N95 for protection training is now accessible through the SkillPort system. The training module is titled: CU: N95 Respirator Safety. In addition, a medical assessment and fit test is required prior to use. Please visit the Respiratory Protection Page for additional information.

For respirator types other than N95s-Annual completion of the SkillSoft Respiratory Protection Course is required (Available through the SkillPort system). The training module is titled: SkillSoft: Respiratory Protection Course (SAH0474). In addition, a medical assessment, risk assessment of the exposure area, and fit test is required prior to use of any respirator. Once training and occupational health forms have been completed, contact EHS to schedule a fit-test.

The required training is now only available through the SkillSoft system. To access SkillSoft:

  1. Logon to the UCD Access Portal
  2. Click on the CU Resources Tab
  3. Select "Training" from the list of options in the left side toolbar
  4. Select "Start SkillSoft"
  5. Select "Catalog"
  6. Click "University of Colorado--Courses" to view the expandable list of UCD Custom Courses
  7. Click “CU Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus” to view the expandable list of courses
  8. Select the "Environmental Health & Safety" Folder
  9. Select "CU: N95 Respirator Safety" or “CU:Respiratory Protection”
  10. Once the course is completed and you have passed the quiz, you will be up to date for one year.‚Äč