General Training Information

EHS trainings in Skillsoft satisfy requirements imposed by internal and external regulators. This training is required for employees, their supervisors, and others - including volunteers, non-paid personnel, and other non-employee lab members - who have access to clinics or labs.

Access Training

  • ​Log in to the UCDAccess​​ portal, then click the CU Resources tab, if needed, and select the Skillsoft tile.
  • Click the CU Denver | Anschutz tab as in this illustration on the right.
  • Navigate to the appropriate Category on the left of the subsequent page to access the needed training, as illustrated below.
Folded Training Graphic 2
Skillsoft Front Page Graphic

Completion Requirements

Lab Safety - one-time
Chemical Waste Management - annual
Bloodborne Pathogens - annual
Regulated Medical Waste Management - triennial

On-the-Job Training

Supervisors must provide formal on-the-job training to all personnel who have access to the lab, regardless of their official employment status, within the first six months of arrival.

An On-the-Job General Safety Training form must be completed for each worker, and this record must be kept in the laboratory for three years following their departure.