About the CU Research Pharmacy

The CU Research Pharmacy provides an investigational drug service that supports clinical research studies involving study-related medications for all investigators on the CU Anschutz campus outpatient setting.  The CU Research Pharmacy assists in the clinical and administrative functions of drug research while assuring compliance with all federal, state, and COMIRB regulations concerning investigational drugs.  

The CU Research Pharmacy Team is located on the first floor of the Anschutz Health Sciences Building

1890 N. Revere Ct.
Aurora, CO 80045

Research.Pharmacy@cuanschutz.edu | 303-724-0240

Our vision

To support and facilitate CU Anschutz research efforts into new therapeutic agents to improve human health.

Our mission

Support Innovation

To support the discovery and innovation of research in the outpatient setting

Promote Collaboration

Promote an efficient, safe, collaborative, compliant research environment

Community Engagement

Engage investigators and stakeholders across the CU Anschutz campus  



Assist in the execution of the scientific, clinical, and administrative functions of drug research.


Assure that drug studies are conducted in a safe, effective, and efficient manner


Ensure compliance with all federal, state and COMIRB regulations concerning investigational drugs.


The CU Research Pharmacy works with investigators and study sponsors by providing services that include:

  • Assistance and collaboration with protocol development and data integrity
  • Appropriate storage of investigational agents according to FDA and USP guidelines
  • Maintenance and control of investigational drug inventories
  • Blinding integrity
  • Randomization schemes
  • Participation in study initiation visits
  • Security of study drug and limited access
  • Meet all regulatory compliance standards
  • Prevention of errors involving study drugs
  • Dispensing of investigational products in a timely manner
  • Sterile preparation of hazardous and non-hazardous study drugs in a USP 797 and 800-compliant environment
  • Collection of all patient drug returns and reconciliation
  • Participation in FDA, NIH and pharmaceutical sponsor audits
  • Participation with the sponsor in final study close-out
  • Return or destruction of all used and unused study drug
  • Drug procurement as needed

Using the CU Research Pharmacy - Fee Structure

In efforts to minimize costs to investigator-initiated/federally funded studies, there will be a tiered fee structure for the CU Research Pharmacy. The CU Research Pharmacy fees will be different for investigator-initiated/federally funded and industry-sponsored studies. 

For specific project pricing information please email research.pharmacy@cuanschutz.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)