Investigating allegations of misconduct and fostering greater awareness of ethical situations and responsible conduct of research.

Ethical Conduct Applied to Research: The University of Colorado has maintained its status as a "Research #1" institution for many years – relying on the integrity of the personnel involved in research as well as our administration’s internal institutional support of the investigations we conduct.

Ethical conduct, applied to research, involves a wide range of actions from data collection methods to data retention and storage for posterity. Ethics factor into:

  • Selecting authors on papers and acknowledging their rightful intellectual property
  • Careful citation and meticulous labeling
  • Training in lab techniques and mentoring trainees toward a career
  • Reviewing a colleague’s grant proposal or awaiting review of your own work
  • Using the right laboratory tools, safely, and managing a sponsor’s budget

All these situations are rife with circumstances that test integrity. The University supports its researchers, at all levels, who make ethical choices in the conduct of their chosen field of study.

To Our Researchers

Your university administration wants to support you in your endeavors to add to the world’s academic knowledge base. Several offices are available to assist you in design, decision-making, and on through the data retention phase of your finished research projects. (See Resources for Researchers).

The University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus strives to maintain a culture of integrity. Please add to this culture with your own responsible conduct. Your individual responsibility cannot be over-emphasized. It is up to those in the research community to "keep the trust" in each other, in the published information, and in the efficacy of how such information will be used for the public good.

If you are witness to, or have reason to believe, research misconduct has taken place, it is imperative that it be reported so that a clear determination can be made as to whether it is a simple mistake, or there is intent to defraud the public.
Be the scientist/scholar whom others look to as an example of integrity, an example of whom they want to become. If you have questions or concerns about conduct of research at the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus and would like to discuss the issues in a confidential setting, please contact one of the Research Integrity Contacts below:

Research Integrity Contacts

John Repine

Scientific Research Integrity Officer


Primary Phone:303-724-4783

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