Conducting Human Fetal and Embryonic Tissue Research at UC Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus

A Policy for Researchers

Usage of human fetal tissue (HFT) or embryonic tissue (hESC) in research is both regulated by federal law and agency regulations, and is of concern to the larger societal community. Policies and procedures here are designed to address these questions: Is the usage necessary to bring valid results to the bank of knowledge of modern human medicine? Will the usage be monitored and ethically conducted?

The University has produced an Administrative Policy, Conducting Human Fetal Tissue Research, not to prohibit the use of these tissues, but to make clear that all such research conducted at this institution must be reviewed and approved in accordance with any applicable federal or state laws, and regulations regarding such activity. Researchers at the University of Colorado Denver| Anschutz Medical Campus are required to follow our institution’s policy and procedures as outlined in the documents below.

The policies and procedures outlined in the documents apply to research using human fetal tissue, whether it be identifiable, coded, de-identified or anonymous. These also include human embryonic stem cells that are not listed in the NIH embryonic stem cell registry.

This policy does not apply to the use or collection of placental or umbilical materials, amniotic fluid, nor human embryonic stem cells listed in the NIH embryonic stem cell registry. The procedures addressed here do not apply to the clinical care of women and their fetus or the procurement of HFT intended for clinical purposes only.

Contact the Office of Regulatory Compliance with any questions and for guidance with a specific project:
303-724-1010 or

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