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Volume 3, Issue 9 | May 17, 2023

Featured Recruitment Studies

Is this Study for You?

Cannabinoids and Traumatic Brain Injury: A Randomized, Placebo Controlled Trial

Our study is seeking individuals aged 18-60 diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) to participate. The study plans to learn more about the impacts of cannabidiol (CBD) on individuals with a TBI. The 12 weeks of the study will involve using one of three study medications: Full-Spectrum CBD (.5% THC), Broad-Spectrum CBD, or Hemp Seed Oil. 

Are these Studies for You?

Neuromuscular Training Following Concussion: A Feasibility Study Using a Virtual Platform

We are seeking healthy adults ages 18-40 years with a diagnosed concussion within the past 3 years for a one-time research visit. 

The Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity Consortium

The MoTrPAC research study is the largest effort to date, aimed at understanding how physical activity improves health and prevents disease. The main goal of the MoTrPAC is to gain a better understanding of how the body changes with physical activity. This will help researchers and doctors to prescribe tailored exercise programs in the future. 

BabyCOVE mRNA1273-P206

The BabyCOVE Study aims to evaluate an investigational vaccine that may protect infants from getting sick if they come into contact with SARS-CoV-2 (also called coronavirus), which causes COVID-19. To join this research study, your baby must be between 12 weeks and less than six months of age and in good health. All study participants will receive study-related medical care from the doctor while in the BabyCOVE Study. 

Novel Approaches to Observationally Assessing Cannabis-Impaired Driving

Volunteers are needed for a study to help researchers learn more about how people are affected by cannabis in different ways. The researchers will use a driving simulator to compare the driving performance of adults who use cannabis daily, occasionally or do not use cannabis. 

Prolonged Sedentary Behavior in Older Women with and without Type 2 Diabetes: Knowledge, Engagement, and Relationship to Cardiometabolic Risk

We are seeking women between the ages of 60-75, both with and without Type 2 Diabetes, to investigate how time spent sitting influences cardiovascular and muscle health. 

Testing includes:

  • Physical exams, blood draws, and other screening tests evaluating blood pressure, heart rate, and pulmonary function
  • Exercising test on a stationary bike
  • Assessment of insulin sensitivity and exercise capacity
  • Wearing activity tracking devices and a continuous glucose monitor for one week

For more information, please contact the study coordinator. 

REACH - Role of Microvascular Insulin Resistance and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Diabetes

Men and women between the ages of 30-55 currently do less than 1 hour of physical activity per week and have a BMI of 25-40kg/m2. We are looking for individuals both with and without type 2 diabetes who do not have a current diagnosis of prediabetes. To qualify, you must be a non-smoker and be able to complete 11 study visits that take place Monday-Friday. You must also be willing to complre a 15-week cardiovascular exercise program on the Anschutz Medical Campus. 

Colorado Pulmonary Alcohol Research Consortium

We are looking for volunteers to serve as control subjects to be compared to people who drink heavily in a research project that examines substances collected from inside the lungs. 

Main Procedures Involved:

  • Thorough pulmonary evaluation by a lung physician by physical exam, chest x-ray, spirometry, and bronchoscopy
  • Routine blood lab work & pregnancy test will be performed

Duration of Participation: A single study visit from 7 AM to 12 PM during a weekday. 

Inhaled Cannabis, Oxidative Stress and the Pulmonary Innate Immune Response

This study evaluates the effect of long term cannabis/marijuana smoking on lung health. Volunteers should be between ages 21-55. No history of alcohol abuse, tobacco, or other recreational drug abuse. No chronic medical conditions. 

Healthy Cannabis users between ages 21 and 55 years:
1. Daily or near daily cannabis use
2. Never or limited smoking or use of inhaled tobacco products.
3. No history of chronic respiratory, cardiac, liver or renal disease

Healthy Control subjects between ages 21 and 55 years:
1. No cannabis use ever
2. Never used tobacco products
3. No history of chronic respiratory, cardiac, liver or renal disease

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