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Volume 3, Issue 12 | July 7, 2023

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Looking for generally healthy adults with obesity, aged 18-65 who are interested in losing weight. Receive a free 12 month diet program!

All participants will receive:
1.    Free weight loss program led by a registered dietician
2.    A weight loss diet plan based on either daily calorie restriction or time restricted eating (limiting eating to an 8 hour window each day)
3.    Assessment of body composition, lab values, and metabolic rate

Drospirenone for Emergency Contraception

Drospirenone for Emergency Contraception

Research about a birth control pill for emergency contraception. Come to clinic for transvaginal ultrasounds and blood draws every other day around the time of ovulation and then daily for up to 7 days following administration of Drospirenone.

Are these Studies for You?

Pathophysiology of active and latent myofascial trigger points

Pathophysiology of Active and Latent Myofascial Trigger Points

Volunteers needed for a research study on tender and non-tender muscle points to help understand myofascial pain syndrome. 

We are seeking both men and women who are generally healthy and free from regular tension headaches. 
Participation consists of a screening visit (30 minutes) and a sample collection visit (about 4 hours). 

Alcohol Use Disorder and Cannabis Testing Novel Harm Reduction Strategies

Alcohol Use Disorder and Cannabis: Testing Novel Harm Reduction Strategies

Volunteers needed for a research study on cannabidiol (CBD) and alcohol use in the CU Anschutz Department of Psychiatry.

    Research about the Potential for the Contraceptive Implant as Emergency Contraception

    Research about the Potential for the Contraceptive Implant as Emergency Contraception

    To research more about ovulation (the process of egg release from the ovary) in the setting of recently placed etonogestrel implants (Nexplanon®).

    Neuromuscular training following concussion a feasibility study using a virtual platform

    Neuromuscular Training Following Concussion: a Feasibility Study Using a Virtual Platform

    We are seeking adults ages 18-40 years with a diagnosed concussion in the last 3 years for a one-time research visit. 

    NightWare Research Study

    NightWare Research Study

    If you experience repetitive nightmares related to trauma, you may be eligible for this research study. 

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